Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stilt #4 (Print, Fine Art, Collagraph of Water Bird)

There was something about the simplicity of this guy that got my attention.  When I was cutting the bird out of the background I thought I would use the texture that I would normally discard and create an abstract version (which you can see in the following post).  Anyway I don't know that my abstract version was particularly successful, but I did learn some things.  The image size of this collagraph measures 15" x 7".

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stilt on Circles (Stage 1 - Black and White)

When I was creating the plate for the more "realistic" version of the stilt I decided to try and do a more abstract version  using the bird shape that I cut out of the background when creating the first "realistic" stilt.  (If you look at the background of the next stilt that I post you will know what I am talking about).  I recently acquired this circle texture and was anxious to try it out. Once I glued all my textures to the illustration board I inked up the plate with black ink, wiped it, placed a dampened piece of paper on top of the plate and ran it through the press.

Stilt on Circles (Stage 2)

In this stage I created another plate by gluing canvas to illustration board.  I then transfered my design onto the canvas, mixed the colors, rubbed the ink into the canvas, placed the plate carefully on the dampened black and white version and ran it through the press.  I probably should have left it alone at this stage, but I was curious what would happen if I added more circles to the background.

Stilt on Circles (Stage 3)

I decided I wanted to experiment and add more circles to the background.  I created another plate by gluing the circle texture to illustration board.  I then coated it with a thin layer of gloss medium.  I mixed a mauve color, inked and wiped the plate (with tarlatan), placed it on the dampened print and ran it through the press.  Unfortunately I did not achieve what I was looking for so I tried using black ink.  That worked better, but I thought the circles were too dark.  So I went to stage four.

Stilt on Circles #3 (Print, Fine Art, Collagraph) fourth stage

I printed another round of yellow ink to subdue the background somewhat.  In the process it killed some of the vibrancy of the color too.  I may have to come back in with more color . . . not sure.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Strawberries

This is a monotype I did for a possible project for my sister.  I thought I would post them since they are kind of fun.  I have been working on a couple of paintings and some collagraphs which I will be posting in the next couple of days.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bruno #2 (Collagraph of Labrador Mix)

I was commissioned to do a portrait of Bruno . . . I think he looks like quite a character.

Collagraph on Arches Cover White Paper
Image Size: 9.25" x 7" ©2010
Edition Size: 20
Each print is signed and numbered.
This one is sold but there are more so if you are interested in purchasing please email me.