Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Mysterious Dragonfly

The image size of  this collagraph measures 12.5" x 19".  This guy caused me some problems.  I originally wanted this to be a black and white image.  I liked the texture on the background but
knew it would cause me problems and it did.  It was just too much so I tried to tone the background back a bit which you can see below.  I was still not happy and decided to add color. That too was a challenge.  Anyway you can see the progression thus far.


  1. Very awesome print! I love that you showed the plate before printing!! How many plates did you use for this print?

  2. I used two plates. The plate at the bottom of this posting was used to print the textures in black. The second plate is illustration board with canvas mounted to it. I first inked the background of the second plate up with white and you can see the result. Which I actually don't think looks bad at this point. But I decided it needed something else . . . so I used the same plate and inked it up with green and printed the green over the white. I decided to hand color the dragonfly because registration is pretty difficult with such small sections of color. Thanks for the interest!